Quarterly Finance Team Updates

4th quarter // 2016

A Note From Pastor Brad

  • I've got to say it one more time, WOW!! Your commitment to God and DCC at the end of 2016 was amazing.
  • There's a connection between organizations being financially cautious and its limited view of influence and growth. The 2008 financial downturn made DCC very cautious which translated into a more apprehensive, cautious view of the future and growth of DCC.  
  • I am convinced that God has been preparing us for significant growth. We've just finished a year of growth.
  • What growth means to us at DCC: the reality of Christ changing more hearts and lives. 
  • We've been growing! We had an amazing Christmas season with many neighbors visiting DCC, and we even have new people inviting new people.
  • Another example of our growth is the result of our #DreamBig campaign. We not only met our #DreamBig campaign goal in December, but exceeded it by $23,000. Our #dreambig total was $95,000! Wow.
  • Because of the God we follow DCC should always be dreaming big. 
  • We have a lot of momentum and wind in our sails, and the stakes are too high for us to slow down. Stay committed all year long to the vision of DCC. Please consider giving regularly using online giving via our website. It's helps us budget and manage the year better.
  • Our 2016 giving equaled $692,998 and we've approved a 10% budget increase for 2017 for a total new budget of $770,125.
  • Please give generously all year long, and please give regularly online so that we don't have to depend on end-of-year campaigns. http://www.dulleschurch.org/giving/
  • We're now praying that God would move DCC to a $1 million dollar budget so that our departments can grow, so we can extend DCC to more people and neighborhoods, and so we can save more aggressively for a building that will serve us and our community. 
  • Please pray about how to increase your giving more toward the Biblical standard of a tithe.  

I love you so much and love being partnered with you!




3rd quarter // 2016