You Belong in Community.

Community is the heartbeat of DCC. In many ways, church doesn't start until the service ends! We want DCC to be a place where you can ask questions and form deep and meaningful relationships - a loving support system that challenges you to discover the best version of yourself!

To assist you on this journey, we offer Crews and Labs on a rotating schedule.  Crews typically launch in February and September, with Lab cycles in between. 

What are Crews?

Crews at DCC are small circles of people within our community that meet regularly to form friendships over a common interest and to discover God together.  The format varies from crew to crew, but the three things all of our crews have in common are community, care and compassion. This means they love hanging out and doing life together - praying for needs and challenges, celebrating life’s wins, and serving together.

When are CREWs?

We have crews meeting almost every day or night of the week and even some that gather on the weekends.  Some of our crews meet every week, and others meet every-other week. All crews launch in February and now, but we welcome you to join at any time.  Most of our crews run in a cycle that meets for 4 to 5 months in a row before taking a break for labs, however, some crews choose to continue building community through the break.   They may even choose to attend a lab together, individually or with other crews.

something for Everyone

DCC is full of people from all walks of life. Whether you're single, married, have kids, a young adult, an empty nester, questioning faith, looking to deepen your faith, or anywhere in between, there's a crew for you! 

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