Every student needs a tribe - a place to belong...

Over the years, Echo has become a safe haven for hundreds of students looking for meaningful connection.

Our team of leaders and student community are committed to making Echo a welcoming, fun, and challenging environment for everyone who walks through the door.

meeting times

Grades 9-12

Sundays @ 7 PM
The Hangar

Grades 6-8

Sundays @ 10 Am
freedom High School

Echo Middle School meets every Sunday morning during our main service. Your student will experience games, music, and an inspiring message from one of our leaders

Echo High School meets on Sunday evenings at 7:00 PM at 'The Hangar', our office and small meeting space. Students will find a place to forge friendships and ask the tough questions. We aren't afraid of messy subjects.



Periodically, we take our students away on a weekend retreat. Our retreats are incredible catalysts for spiritual growth and building friendships - all in an insanely fun environment!

Click below for release forms for Fall Retreat 2017.