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Money at DCC...Did you know...?



Have you tried online giving?  Whether it’s a one time donation or a recurring gift, online giving makes budgeting your involvement simple! Recurring gifts are also great for DCC - it allows us to budget more accurately and responsibly.

We're only financed one way - you!

DCC is a non-denominational, totally independent church.  That means there isn't a "mothership" supporting or funding our operations. We rely entirely on giving by DCC attendees for our annual budget.

We have no debt

A gift to DCC is an investment in the growth and future of our church - not part of a repayment plan!

Freedom Isn't Free

Many people are surprised to find out that we pay as much as we do to use the facilities at Freedom High School.  Between FHS and our office space, we pay about $12,000 per month in rent!

WE invest in an incredible staff

We have an awesome team of talented professionals at DCC.  We’re committed to treating them fairly and responsibly.  Staff salaries are based on the Loudoun County Public School system’s pay scale.

your gifts are 100% tax deductible

We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and as such, all of your gifts are entirely tax deductible!


Your giving makes a difference!