Spiritual Growth Labs

What are Labs?

Looking for a jump start in your spiritual journey?

Whether you're exploring faith for the first time, want to dive deeper into how to read the Bible, or want great fitness or financial guidance, we have a lab for you!

Our labs are environments designed for questions and dialogue, led by pastors and experienced practitioners.

WHEN are Labs?

Spiritual Growth Labs meet from 6-8 weeks and are offered in the Winter and Summer.  Our Winter Labs launch in January and our Summer Labs Launch in July. 

We offer Labs in multiple days and times so you can find something that fits your schedule. 

something for Everyone

We know everyone is at a different place in their spiritual journey.  DCC includes people everywhere on the continuum between skeptical and convinced, between those just starting out and those that have been following the Jesus Way for a while.  We offer labs that will spark something new or challenge established paradigms.  We hope you will join the conversation and discover something beautiful.