July 13th - Drop Off @ Hutchison Farm Elementary School


6:30pm - 9pm

An Echo Summer Spectacular tradition returns: Drop Off is a team based activity where students will be blindfolded, ‘dropped off’ by a leader, and then be able to advise another leader of their location so that they may be picked up. The game involves strategy and speed, taking teams all over the neighborhood in a race against others. Bring $5 to go toward gas for your drive and some snack to share! Don't be late!

A note for Parents: Each leader is a licensed driver who prioritizes your child’s safety above all, so while Drop Off is an intense competition, we ensure that no laws will be broken and that your student will have good, safe fun.

This being said, students are urged to arrive at Hutchison Farm 15 minutes before 6:30pm so that each student may be accounted for and broken off into teams.

42819 Center St, South Riding, VA 20152